Various Works


CG CG集です。

CG Zaurus+CloverPaintで通勤中に描いた落描きです。

作曲集 MP3形式wavによる作曲集です。

ストーリー フィムのお話など、物語です。

贈られもの 他のクリエイタさんから贈っていただいた作品集です。

倉庫 がらくた置き場です。


These works belong to Getty, who owns copyright as well, unless it is not specified. If it is specified, especially for works put in "Presents" square, then the creator of the song/story/picture owns his work itself and its copyright. You are not allowed to use, reproduce, redistribute the works without being authorized by each owner. You are prohibited from making copies of these works except for the purpose of making your OWN backup.